Inspirational Poems | Choices


One day when you are older
And the world lays at your feet,
I pray that you will realize
all the odds you beat.
And all these foolish teenage years,
won’t seem to matter then,
You will laugh at all the things
that happened way back when.
Cause God has a greater plan for you,
that’s the reason why your here,
He gave you life to live and breath,
and loved ones to hold you dear.
He gave you a great big heart,
that should beat with joy inside.
You have so much to offer,
you don’t need to run and hide.
This is the time of your life,
to choose the path you’ll take
Your decisions are far-reaching
with the choices that you make.
Your whole Life lies before you,
what you choose to do.
Let it pass or make it great
the choice is up to you…

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