In The Spirit | Sympathy Poems – Funeral Poems

In The Spirit
(Sympathy Poems – Funeral Poems)

“To my loved ones left behind”

This should not be a day of sadness
I want you all to smile ..
Don’t concentrate on the pain in your heart
Please believe I’m in the aisle.

From now on when I cross your mind
Even though you don’t see me there ..
Reach out and give me a hug
My spirit will be in the air.

I’ll look in on you from time to time
Maybe I’ll let you know I’m there ..
But if you’re sad when you think of me
It will be more than I can bear.

I’ve only passed on to a better place
I’m with the ones I’ve loved and lost ..
We’re on the other side having a party
And there’s no worry of the cost.

I love each and every one of you
Please try not to cry ..
My body may be dead and gone
But my spirit will never die.

– Shirley R. Hamill