In Loving Memory Husband

In Loving Memory Loss Of Husband

Death Poems For Husband Loss Of Husband Death Poems.

Husband Loss Of Husband Death Poems

You are not forgotten, my love
nor will you ever be –
As long as life and memory last
your soul will live in me.

I’ll miss you now
my heart is sore –
As time goes by
I’ll miss you more.

Your loving smile
your gentle face –
No one can fill
your vacant place.

Memory Of My Wonderful Husband

Your kiss and touch I shall never forget
though now, we are worlds apart –
I know you’ll never be that far from me
As you live on, always in my heart.

Partings come
and hearts are broken –
Loved ones go
with words unspoken.

Deep in our hearts
there’s a memory kept –
For a husband and father
we will never forget.

You were a loving husband
a pal, so good and true –
A better husband never lived
your equals are but few.

I have lost my souls companion
a life linked with my own –
And day by day I miss him more
as I walk through life alone.

As I journey toward life’s sunset
mourning him who went before –
Faith assures me, I’ll be with him
when I reach the other shore.

You were a husband in a million
why did you have to go –
You meant the world to me
I really loved you so.

If I had one choice today
my choice would not be hard –
I’d wish that I could have you here
to give you a birthday card.

The tide recedes but leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand –
The sun goes down, but gentle
warmth still lingers on the land.

The music stops, and yet it echoes
on in sweet refrains –
For every joy that passes
something beautiful remains.

Beautiful are memories
of a moonlit night with you –
The spark of love we lit
and all the world felt new.

My heart told me I’d known you
in times so long ago –
Something deep inside me
had set my soul aglow.

Soul-mates re-united
bound by the ties of past –
Through each and every age
this perfect love will last.

So at our journey’s end
and the time has come to part –
An endless cord of love
will link us heart to heart.

God saw you getting tired
a cure was not to be –
He wrapped you in his loving arms
and whispered ‘Come with me.’

You suffered much in silence
your spirit did not bend –
You faced your pain with courage
until the very end.

You tried so hard to stay with me
but your fight was not in vain –
God took you to His loving home
and freed you from the pain.

A heart of gold stopped beating
two shining eyes at rest –
God broke my hearts to prove
He only takes the best.

God knows you had to leave us
but you did not go alone –
for part of me went with you
the day He took you home.

To some you are forgotten
to others, just part of the past –
but to me, who loved and lost you
the memory, will always last.

You were so weary
you made no fuss –
You tried so hard
to stay with us.

Your strength had gone
but courage remained –
In my heart you
will always stay.

In Memory Of My Dear Husband

Losing a husband as
special as you –
has left my heart aching
it’s broken in two.
No words can describe
all the grief and the pain –
I’d give all I have
just to see you again.
But you’re with the angels
and for now I can wait –
For we’ll meet again
dear beside heaven’s gate.

We think about you always
we talk about you still –
You have never been forgotten
and you never will.

A Special Husband

Sometimes I just sit quietly
reflecting for a while –
Imagining your voice, your face
your warm and loving smile.

For it’s so lovely to recall
the happy times we had –
When you played such a special role
as both husband and dad.

And at this very special time
I only wish you knew –
That I’d give all the world today
for one more hour with you.

But I still have my memories
and since we’ve been apart –
It comforts me so much to know
that you’re right here in my heart.

You were everything in life to me
my Husband and Friend –
And although you had to leave me
our love will never end.

A Very Special Husband

When God was making husbands
as far as I can see –
He made a special soulmate
especially for me.

He made a perfect gentleman
compassionate and kind –
With more love and affection
than you could ever wish to find.

He gave my darling husband
a heart of solid gold –
He gave me wonderful memories
only my heart can hold.

He was someone I could talk to
that no one can replace –
He was someone I could laugh with
till tears ran down my face.

Next time we meet
will be at Heaven’s door –
When I see you standing there
I won’t cry anymore.

I will put my arms around you
and kiss your smiling face –
Then the pieces of my broken heart
will fall back into place.

I think about you always
and talk about you too –
I have such lovely memories
but I wish I still had you.

The sun still rises in the east
and darkness falls at night, but
nothing now, seems quite the same
each day, is not as bright –
But you were very special
my loss was Heavens gain.

In Loving Memory of My Husband

Thank you for your endless love
That helps me through each day –
And thank you for the memories
that never fade away.

You’re the man I loved
And I was proud to be your wife –
And every day in some small way
I celebrate your life.

And though it’s sad to think about
The way things were before –
When we’re reunited
I will be forever more.