Funny Poems – Impotence And All That Stuff

Impotence And All That Stuff

There once was a time

for  lack of common sense,

when I searched  for a cure

for my Impotence.

I heard about cures

and thought I would see

if some of them

might do it for me.

Maybe some Rogaine

would cure bits that were bare

a new sexy look with a

great  head of  hair.

Then there’s Viagra,

the little blue pill.

If nothing else works,

they say that, this will.

All these promises

on ads and TV.

They’ll amp up sex drive,

just try ‘em, an see.

Bought all these pills for

sex drive and hair.

mixed them together

to see how they’d fair.

Drug interactions from the

induced selection,

grew hair like a dog

with a tent pole erection.

The hair-growing meds

grew thick and black.

An all over cover,

especially my back.

Viagra did amp up

my little friend,

But it somehow has now,

grown hair on the end.

My sex drive returned,

my outlook is great.

But due to the hair,

Now I can’t get a date.

Now I’m in a fix.

with my disease.

I’m back where I started

except, now I have Fleas.

All of this trouble

is something I’ve earned.

“Don’t fool Mother Nature”

is the lesson I learned!