Children Who Die Are Not Really Gone

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Children who die
are not really gone –
But go to a place
that is something like home.

Where they sleep the deep sleep
as quiet as stone –
Until we can join them
when our lives are done.

Children who die
are not really dead –
But just like good children
tucked into bed.

Wait the long wait
while we go ahead –
Till our tales are all told
and our tears are all shed.

Children who die
feel no pleasure or pain –
In the place where they wait
till they see us again.

And all of us dance
in a world washed with rain –
Where the sun shines so brightly
no sorrows remain.

– Nicholas Gordon

Children Who Die Are Not Really Gone Loss Of A Child Poems

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Although Your Earthly Life Was Short

My Child
Child Loss Poems Quotes

Although your earthly life was short
your memory will remain –
You touched so many hearts, while here
our lives forever changed.

God returned you once to earth
and then took you away –
But I wouldn’t change one single thing
and still thank God for everyday.

You taught me unconditional love
and though I hurt inside –
I know we’ll be together again
on the other side.

So rest easy, now my child
for you are in pain, no more –
And I’ll see you in a short while
when we meet at Heaven’s door.

There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world

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Born Asleep

Born Asleep

Child Loss Grief Poems

Born Asleep‘ .. such a heartfelt phrase
touches me to the core –
The broken cries of a Mother’s heart
when it just can’t take anymore.

I open my heart, one Mom to another
so you never lose your hope –
That although it gets no easier
I promise, you’ll learn to cope.

Remember your Angel is sleeping
in a world much kinder than ours –
And will always be there to hold your hand
even in your darkest hours.

My own little Angel will keep an eye
and play with yours in their park –
But you must find your love and strength
and feed your own little spark.

You’ll never be alone my friend
I will always understand –
If the tides loom up to swallow you
just reach out and grab my hand.

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A Little Angel – Loss Of Child Loss Poems

A Little Angel
Loss Of Child Loss Poems

Today it would be wonderful
to see you play or smile –
But heaven lent you to this world
for just a little while.

And in that short but precious time
you brought along much love –
And all that love is with you now
in heaven up above.

Your leaving caused so many tears
and such a lot of pain –
But God needed one more Angel
so he took you back again.

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