A Loan | Sympathy Grief Loss Poems

A Loan
(Sympathy Grief Loss Poems)

The Lord Looked down to earth one day
and saw a couple there ..
He said, “Now those two people
make a lovely pair.

I have some spirits here with me
that need a home on earth ..
I think that I shall bless these folks
with a precious spirits birth.

This baby, though, is just a Loan.
these are the terms My dears ..
She may live there just sixty days
or she may live for sixty years.

I hope you’ll treat my spirit kindly
while she’s down on earth with you ..
For when she comes back here to me
she has a special job to do.

With flowing tears, dear cherished one
we lay thee with the dead ..
And flowers, which thou didst love so well
shall wave above thy head.

Sweet emblems of thy dearer self
they find a wintry tomb ..
And at the south wind’s gentle touch
spring forth to life and bloom.

Thus, when the sun of righteousness
shall gild thy dark abode ..
Thy slumbering dust shall bloom afresh
and soar to meet thy God.

– Sarah Mower

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