Ode To Ricky…

Ode To Ricky

Your feet smell, but I love you,
Is that not enough?
You’re gorgeous in every single way,
Though your elbow skin is rough!

I’m only messin’ honestly,
to me, you are perfection.
If I were you I’d spend every minute
staring at my reflection!

I’m trying to think of how I can say,
how much you mean to me,
but my words just seem so weak, just like
a very milky tea.

And so I shall write this poem to you,
hoping you see the total truth,
that since we met you brought me happiness,
and our children are the proof.

So thank-you, my sweet husband,
for making every day a complete blessing,
I just hope you believe the words I say,
and this time, I ain’t messin’.

– Carrie Talbot Ashby