On My Birthday In Heaven Card

On My Birthday In Heaven

As I look down upon you, I can see that you’re in pain, you think that you may never get, to see my face again. I know this day is harder and it always brings you tears but remember that I’m with you, each day throughout the years. Just think of all our happy times and remember me with love, as I celebrate my Birthday in Heaven Up Above. I am always with you. By Toni Kane – Grief Loss Facebook

On my birthday in heaven birthday card

Heaven Birthday Card  Verse

A Grandson Held So Dear

You were the center of our world, a grandson held so dear, but now that world is shattered, and you’re no longer here. But all you need to know today, is how much joy you brought. You brightened every moment, though your life was far too short. You were loved completely, from the day that you were born, and no one could imagine, such a dreadful day would dawn. But memories are wonderful, and though they still bring pain, they give us hope and keep us strong, until we meet again.

A Grandson Held So Dear Grief Poem