Only A Mother Know – Inspirational Poems

Only A Mother Knows

(Child Poems – Inspirational Poems)

How many cares does a mother’s heart know
How many joys does a mother bestow?

How many heartwarming things has she said
How many tears has she secretly shed?

How many smiles has she given away
How many kindnesses day after day?

How many prayers has she prayed for another?
Nobody really knows – Only a mother!

Child Poems – Reflections Of A Mother

Reflections Of A Mother

(Child Poems)

I gave you life, but cannot live it for you.
I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn.
I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you.
I can allow you freedom, but I cannot account for it.
I can take you to church, but I cannot make you believe.
I can teach you right from wrong, but I cannot always decide for you.
I can buy you beautiful clothes, but I cannot make you beautiful inside.
I can offer you advice, but I cannot accept it for you.
I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.
I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.
I can teach you respect, but I cannot force you to show honor.
I can advise you about friends, but cannot choose them for you.
I can advise you about sex, but I cannot keep you pure.
I can tell you the facts of life, but I can’t build your reputation.
I can tell you about drinking, but I can’t say “no” for you.
I can warn you about drugs, but I can’t prevent you from using them.
I can tell you about lofty goals, but I can’t achieve them for you.
I can teach you about kindness, but I can’t force you to be gracious.
I can warn you about sins, but I cannot make you moral
I can love you as a child, but I cannot place you in God’s family.
I can teach you how to live, but I cannot give you eternal life.

The Most Beautiful Flower – Inspirational Poems

The Most Beautiful Flower

(Inspirational Poems About Children)

Disillusioned by life
with good reason to frown,
For the world was intent
on dragging me down.

And if that weren’t enough
to ruin my day,
A young boy out of breath
approached me, all tired from play.

He stood right before me
with his head tilted down
And said with great excitement,
“Look what I found!”

In his hand was a flower
what a pitiful sight,
With its petals all worn
not enough rain, or too little light.

Wanting him to take his dead flower
and go off to play,
I faked a small smile and
then shifted away.

But instead of retreating
he sat next to my side
And placed the flower
to his nose and declared

“It sure smells pretty
and it’s beautiful, too.
That’s why I picked it;
here, it’s for you.”

The weed before me was
dying……or dead.
Not vibrant of colors,
orange, yellow or red.

But I knew I must take it,
or he might never leave.
So I reached for the flower,
and replied, “Just what I need.”

But instead of him placing
the flower in my hand,
He held it mid-air
without reason or plan.

It was then that I noticed
for the very first time
That weed-toting boy could not see:
he was blind.

I heard my voice quiver,
tears shone like the sun
As I thanked him for
picking the very best one.

“You’re welcome,” he smiled,
and then ran off to play,
Unaware of the impact
he’d had on my day.

I sat there and wondered
how he managed to see
a self-pitying woman
beneath an old willow tree.

How did he know of
my self-indulged plight?
Perhaps from his heart,
he’d been blessed with true sight.

Through the eyes of a blind child,
at last I could see
The problem was not with the world,
the problem was me.

And for all of those times
I myself had been blind,
I vowed to see the beauty in life,
and appreciate every second that’s mine.

And then I held that wilted flower
up to my nose
And breathed in the fragrance
of a beautiful Rose

And smiled as I watched
that young boy,
another weed in his hand
About to change the life
of an unsuspecting old man.

Only One Childhood – Poems About Children

Only One Childhood

(Poems About Children)

I stopped to watch my little girl
busy playing in her room.
In one hand was a plastic phone;
in the other a toy broom.

I listened as she was speaking
to her make believe little friend
I’ll never forget the words she said,
even though it was pretend.

She said, “Suzie’s in the corner
’cause she’s not been very good.
She didn’t listen to a word I said
or do the things she should.”

In the corner I saw her baby doll
all dressed in lace and pink.
It was obvious she’d been put there
to sit alone and think.

My daughter continued her “conversation,”
as I sat down on the floor.
She said, “I’m all fed up I just don’t know
what to do with her anymore?

She whines whenever I have to work
and wants to play games, too;
she never lets me do the things
that I just have to do?

She tries to help me with the dishes,
but her arms just cannot reach
and she doesn’t know how to fold the towels
and I don’t have the time to teach.

I have a lot of work to do
and a big house to keep clean.
I don’t have the time to sit and play ..
don’t you know what I mean?”

And that day I thought a lot about
making some changes in my life;
as I listened to her innocent words
that cut me like a knife.

I hadn’t been paying enough attention
to what I hold most dear.
I’d been caught up in responsibilities
that increased throughout the year.

But now my attitude has changed,
because, in my heart, I realize
I’ve seen the world in a different light
through my little darling’s eyes.

So, let the cobwebs have the corners
and the dust-bunnies rule the floor,
I’m not going to worry about
keeping up with them anymore.

I’m going to fill the house with memories
of a child and her mother
for God grants us Only One Childhood,
and we will never get another.