Yours Mine And Gods | Loss Of Child Poem

Yours Mine And Gods
(Loss Of Child Poem)

The Lord looked down to earth one day
and saw a couple there ..
He said, “Now those people
they make a lovely pair.”

I have some spirits here with me
that need a home on earth ..
I think that I shall bless these folks
with a precious birth.

This baby though is just a loan
these are the terms, my dears ..
She may live there just sixty days
or she may live sixty years.

I hope you will treat my spirit kindly
while she’s down on earth with you ..
For when she comes back here to me
she has a special job to do.

She brings you joy and heartache
she causes much strife and care ..
And she brings into your lives
my dears a love that you can share.

But remember she’s my spirit
and she’s just been loaned down there

And now I’ve called my spirit back
the job you did was fine ..
The spirit that belonged to me
is now both yours and mine.

I know that when I called her back
It would cause bitter tears ..
But you are sharing in her glory
and the profit of her years.

I only sent her as a loan
to make your home more bright ..
So you could teach her right from wrong
and tuck her in at night.

My loan is paying dividends
I want you both to know ..
I’m glad I loaned that spirit
to you two down below.