Your time on earth is nearly through – By Suzanne Schultz

(Memorial Poems)

Your time on earth
is nearly through ..
Little left
for you to do.

I’ll give you just
a little while ..
To watch your children
laugh and smile.

To hear them laugh
and call your name ..
Watch them play
in the morning rain.

I’ll give you time
to say goodbye ..
To dry their tears
if they should cry.

Then I’ll come for you
and take your hand ..
I’ll guide you on to
the promised land.

Where you shall rein
with God on high ..
Just beyond
the morning sky.

Where you shall rest
until the time is right ..
Then guide your family
into the light.

Your mansion then
will be complete ..
As you walk with your family
down the golden street.

By Suzanne Schultz