Your Friendship Glowed Friends Sympathy Poems

Your Friendship Glowed
(Friends Sympathy Poems)

Your thoughtfulness meant so much more
Than words, could ever say ..
Your friendship glowed each precious time
With all you’d do and say.

We cried, we laughed, we always knew
what we shared was warm and real ..
For the friendship and love in our hearts
Is the only one I did feel.

You will always be a special part
Of my every night and day,
As love still grows deep in my heart,
You will never slip away.

Our love and friendship could never be measured,
Not with treasures of silver or gold,
For what we had and what we shared
Is a story to be told.

Not time, nor space, nor distance,
Could ever change what we shared,
For the friendship you gave to others,
Showed you always really cared.

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