Your Compassionate Friend | In Loving Memory Poems

Your Compassionate Friend
(In Loving Memory Poems)

I can tell by that look friend
that you need to talk ..
So come take my hand
and let’s go for a walk.

See, I’m not like the others
I won’t shy away ..
Because I want to hear
what you’ve got to say.

Your child has died and
you need to be heard ..
But they don’t want
to hear a single word.

They tell you your child’s “with God”
so be strong ..
They say all the “right” things
that somehow seem wrong.

They’re just hurting for you
and trying to say ..
They’d give anything to help
take your pain away.

But they’re struggling with feelings
they can’t understand ..
So forgive them for not offering
you a helping hand.

I’ll walk in your shoes
for more than a mile ..
I’ll wait while you cry
and be glad if you smile.

I won’t criticize you
or judge you or scorn ..
I’ll just stay and listen
’til your night turns to morn.

Yes, the journey is hard
and unbearably long ..
And I know that you think that
you’re not quite that strong.

So just take my hand
’cause I’ve got time to spare ..
And I know how it hurts, friend
for I have been there.

See, I owe a debt
you can help me repay ..
For not long ago
I was helped the same way.

As I stumbled and fell
thru a world so unreal ..
So believe when I say
that I know how you feel.

I don’t look for praise
or financial gain ..
And I’m sure not the kind
who gets joy out of pain.

I’m just a strong shoulder
who’ll be here ’til the end ..
I’ll be your
Compassionate Friend.

– Steven L. Channing