When All The Words Have Been Said | Memorial Poems

When All The Words Have Been Said
(Memorial Poems)

When all the words have been said
And all the ministering has been done ..
When there’s nothing left to say
And the battle has been lost or won.

When death has stolen the one you love
And you’ll hear their voice no more ..
When a remembered smile is a treasure
And agony lives within your core.

When the desolation engulfs you
And a tear wanders down your cheek ..
When the loneliness steals your breath
And you’re left burdened and weak.

When life has lost its’ meaning
And the heartache rips your breast ..
When your mind is numb with pain
And you’re enduring this terrible test.

When it seems the hurting will never end
And you’ve nothing left to give ..
When the warm morning sun leaves you cold
And you see no reason to live.

Rage not at God in Heaven
O’er the anguish you feel today ..
For when all the words have been said
Only His love can ease your way.

– Jim Mackey