Those Who Pass | Memorial Grief Poems

Those Who Pass
(Memorial Poems – Grief Poems)

Those who pass away
will never, ever die ..
They live another life above
in Heaven in the sky.

They will never feel the same
as they once did, while here ..
They will never cry again
’cause Heaven has no tears.

They can’t hurt any longer
and no longer feel our pain ..
What they once felt here
they will never feel again.

If somehow they are able
and can see us from up there ..
Everything they see and know
is not the same as here.

The life that God has made them
and allowed His Son to give ..
Is not the life they knew while here
and not the one we live.

Everything is once taken
has now been restored ..
The life they have without us now
is the one, I’m walking toward.

Yes! We miss our loved one
and want our lives just like before ..
It’s hard to live now knowing
that we won’t be with them here anymore.

We, the ones they left
are the ones that must try and live on ..
When you lose someone you love
your heart feels empty once they’re gone.

You still live somewhere
a place far from me ..
When will I be with you again?
How long will it be?

Now that I am here
and you have gone away ..
my life is not complete
without you here each day.

What part of me went with you
or did it just die? ..
Who am I without you?
How will I get by?

Will I ever see the day when
my life feels something more? ..
Will I ever feel anything
as I once did before?

Will this pain ever end
and the sadness disappear? ..
Will I ever have a life again
without you being here?

I ask all these questions
but it’s still too soon to know ..
It’s hasn’t been to many years
since the day you had to go.

It doesn’t really matter
someday it all will end ..
My life will be everything
when I’m with you once again.

I will have no more sadness
and my pain will go away ..
The life I’ll have in Heaven
will be different from today.

Once the day comes
and God sends for me ..
I’ll be with you again
and with me, you will be.

For now, I must wait
as It’s not my time to go ..
I’ll love you and I’ll miss you more
than you will ever know.