A Parents Prayer | Grief Poems Loss Of A Child

A Parents Prayer
(Grief Poems Loss Of A Child)

Dear God, you sent a child to me
to fill my life with joy ..
And only You knew which was best-
a little girl or boy.

Somehow I took for granted, Lord
that we would have a lifetime ..
And I made so many future plans
for that precious child of mine.

Enchanted by that Miracle
caught up in each new day ..
I guess I didn’t hear You, Lord
when You said, “This one can’t stay.”

I trust you, Lord. Thy will; not mine
yet I can’t understand ..
This sudden loss-the emptiness
caused by another’s hand.

I know my child’s an angel now
but my heart is aching so ..
I’m sorry I wasn’t ready, Lord
to let my baby go.

There wasn’t time for one last hug
there was no final kiss ..
Oh God, it’s all those special smiles
that I already miss.

So Lord, could you do just one thing
For me especially? ..
Please hold my angel close to You
and say goodbye for me.


Goodbye My Little One | Grief Poems Baby

Goodbye My Little One
(Grief Poems Loss Of Baby)

How can I say goodbye
when I never said hello ..
Why does my heart grieve
for the one I’ll never know?

You were a part of me
for just a little while ..
I grieve because I’ll never see
the magic in your smile.

I grieve for all the unsaid words
that you will never get to say ..
I grieve that I will never see
you happily at play.

I grieve for all the lullabies
that will remain unsung ..
I grieve because I’ll never see
your face gleaming like the sun.

I grieve because you will never know
the comfort of my touch ..
I grieve because you will never know
that you were loved so much.

I grieve for all the tomorrows
that will never be ..
I grieve because God chose
to take you back from me.

You live among the angels now
Your earthly mission done ..
You will be so dearly missed
Goodbye my little one.

One Night I Cried To Jesus | Grief Poems

One Night I Cried To Jesus
(Grief Poems)

One night I cried to Jesus
as I sat beneath the tree ..
I looked into the open sky
and hoped he’d answer me.

I’m lost, dear Lord, I’ve traveled far
but still I seem to roam ..
Please light the way and lead me, Lord
I need to get back home.

I told him of my burdens
and of the sadness of my heart ..
That from his gracious love
I’d never felt, so far apart.

Why did you take my child, Lord?
I can not understand! ..
No longer can I touch his face
or hold his dear sweet hand.

I’m angry Lord, I’m missing him.
I’m drowning in my sorrow ..
Please help me heal my yesterday
and face each new tomorrow.

It was then I heard his gentle voice
and felt his presence near ..
How I wanted so to hold him
as I cried another tear.

He said, “Mom, I’m an angel now,
my spirit now is free ..
I’m an angel now in Heaven
so please don’t cry for me.

I was chosen by our lord above
and now I’m in his care ..
When you need me, look inside your heart
I promise to be there.

No one can ever take away
Our bond with one another ..
I’ll always be your precious son
as you will be my mother.

So if you cannot find your way
or the road to home seems far
Just look up to the Heavens ..
and I’ll be your guiding star”.

He said, “Mom I’m an angel now,
my spirit now is free ..
I’m an angel now in Heaven
no need to cry for me.

God Only Knows Why | Grief Poems

God Only Knows Why
(Grief Poems)

When the days are sad and lonely
And everything goes wrong ..
We seem to hear you whisper,”
Cheer up and carry on.”

Every time we see your picture
you smile and seem to say ..
“Don’t cry, I’m only sleeping
we’ll meet again some day.”

You bade no one a last farewell
nor even said “goodbye.” ..
You were gone before we knew it
and only God knows why.