Returning To Work | Grief Son Loss Poems

Returning To Work
(Grief Poems Son Loss)

Hello I’m back but
I’m merely a shell ..
Since I last saw you
I’ve been through hell.

Now that I’m here
please give me some space ..
Don’t talk behind my back
but straight to my face.

Look into my eyes
see the terrible pain ..
And remember someday
you could feel the same.

Please be patient
I need plenty of time ..
You see I’m still hurting
and not at my prime.

My hands will shake
and the tears will fall ..
I really don’t want
to be here at all.

My heart is broken
I’m cold right through ..
Please don’t leave me
I need someone, to talk to.

Don’t be embarrassed
don’t shy away ..
It will be easier
when we get passed today.

Don’t give me a job
where I’ll be all alone ..
I need to be with people
not a no go zone.

I’m terribly angry
I just want to scream ..
If only this were
just a bad dream.

I really can’t cope
I’ll never get through ..
Please be kind
and show me what to do.

Don’t tell me “life goes on”
because mines at an end ..
Just give me a hug
and say you’ll be my friend.

Don’t box me in corners
and cause me more stress ..
Yes you’re right
I didn’t iron my dress.

I don’t care how I look
it’s enough that I’m here ..
Don’t tell me I’ve lost weight
that’s quite clear.

I don’t need building up
I don’t want a tonic pill ..
Don’t ask are you better
I haven’t been ill.

I see no future
don’t ask me to plan ..
It’s very hard knowing
your son won’t be a man.

Please be sincere
your kindness, not hollow ..
Then maybe I’ll have the strength
to come back tomorrow.