He Was Never Alone – By Kathryn James

He Was Never Alone
(Son Memorial Poems)

I’m so sorry son, I didn’t get
to hold your hand in mine –
To kiss your face, my precious Son
I wasn’t given the time.

The doctor said you wouldn’t hear
But I whispered anyway –
“Your tired now my darling
go now, you mustn’t stay”.

As Angels gathered round you
I felt the whisper of their wings –
and as they spirited you away
I thought of so many things.

“Why God why? My precious Son?
why not Me instead?”
That’s not the way
it’s supposed to be
he just cannot be dead!

Can’t the Angels wait awhile?
give me a little more time? –
there’s so much more I need to say
before I say good-bye.

Please say you’ll grant me
one more hour
I have so much to do –
Kiss, hug and hold him close
before, I give him to you.

Alright Lord, I trust you!
I just have to ask, you see? –
Just one more little favor Lord
Please tell him good-bye for me.

he was never alone in loving memory baby poems loss of son poems

By Kathryn James

Loss Of Child Poem | Always your Mother

Always your Mother
(Loss Of Child Poem)

I am your mother, but you
my child, I cannot hold ..
It’ll get easier with time
or so I’ve been told.

People may forget
that I am your mother ..
I’m part of a secret club
we only share with one another.

But that doesn’t diminish
my love for you ..
I think of you always
the whole day through.

I wonder what you’re doing
my Precious Little One ..
We are connected by an Infinite bond
which cannot come undone.

I will not let Death
tear us apart ..
I promise to always keep you
alive in my heart.

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Men Do Cry | Son Loss Memorial Poems

Men Do Cry
(Son Loss Memorial Poems)

I heard quite often
“men don’t cry” ..
Though no one ever
told me why.

So when I fell
and skinned a knee ..
No one came by
to comfort me.

And when some bully
boy at school ..
Would pull a prank
so mean and cruel.

I’d quickly learn
to turn and quip ..
“It doesn’t hurt,”
and bite my lip.

So as I grew
to reason years ..
I learned to stifle
any tears.

Though “Be a big boy”
it began ..
Quite soon I learned
to “Be a man.”

And I could play
that stoic role ..
While storm and tempest
wracked my soul.

No pain or setback
could there be ..
Could wrest one single
tear from me.

Then one long night
I stood nearby ..
And helplessly
watched my son die.

And quickly found
to my surprise ..
That all that tearless
talk was lies.

And still I cry
and have no shame ..
I cannot play
that “big boy” game.

And openly
without remorse ..
I let my sorrow
takes its course.

So those of you
who can’t abide ..
a man you’ve seen
who’s often cried.

Reach out to him
with all your heart ..
As one whose life’s
been torn apart.

For men DO cry
when they can see ..
their loss
of immortality.

And tears will come
in endless streams ..
When mindless fate
destroys their dreams.

– Ken Falk

The Son I Could Not Keep | In Loving Memory Son Poems

The Son I Could Not Keep
(In Loving Memory Son Poems)

My arms still ache to hold you
The tears still fall like rain ..
My eye’s just long to see you
And hear you laugh again.

I look normal on the outside
the hurt is hidden deep ..
For the son I love and long for
For the son I could not keep.

I knew little that morning that God
was going to call your name ..
In life I loved you dearly
in death, I do the same.

It broke my heart to lose you
tho’ you did not go alone ..
For part of me went with you
the day God called you home.

You left me with precious memories
You love is still my guide ..
Although I can not see you, you
are always at my side.

Our family chain is broken now, and
our hearts are very sore ..
But as God calls us one by one
the chain will link once more.