In Loving Memory Of A Much Loved Grandad

In Loving Memory, of a Much Loved Grandad – It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, for part of us went with you, the day God took you home. – Grief Loss Facebook

In Loving Memory Card Grandad Grandfather

In Loving Memory Of A Wonderful Grandmother

In Loving Memory Of A Wonderful Grandmother – How we miss her welcome footsteps, of one we loved so dear. We often listen for her voice, so sure that we could hear. Though she’s gone, but not forgotten, fresh our love will ever be. For as long as there is memory, we will always think of thee. – Grief Loss Facebook


Grandmother Happy Birthday In Heaven

Grandmother Happy Birthday In Heaven. To my Grandmother in heaven, it’s your birthday today, I hope that you can hear me, as there are things I’d like to say. – Grief Loss Facebook

Heaven Birthday Wishes



To Special Grandparents | Christmas In Heaven Grandparents

Memories come and some may fade, yet, there’s special ones that stay. Those that live within the heart, that are with us, each day. These memories are treasured, of the happy times shared and in this world there is nothing, that could ever be compared. You are missed so very much, at Christmas and each day, happy thoughts of you both, are never far away. – Share Christmas In Heaven Cards On Facebook

Memorial Cards For Grandparents – To Special Grandparents At Christmas Time