She was so very special and was so from the start | Daughter Grief Card

She was so very special and was so from the start, you held her in your arms but mainly in your heart. And like a single drop of rain, that on still waters fall, Her life did ripples make and touched the lives of all. She’s gone to play with angels, in heaven up above, so keep your special memories and treasure them with love. Although your darling daughter, was with you just a while, She’ll live on in your heart, with a sweet remembered smile. – Grief Loss Facebook


God Sent To Earth An Angel

God sent to earth an angel, the sweetest angel too and for such a tiny little thing, she had so much to do. She knew she did not have much time, upon this earth to stay, so she did not waste a second; she got started right away. Her eyes were bright and sparkly, she took in every turn. She did not miss a single thing, because this Angel came to learn! – Grief Loss Facebook

God sent to earth an Angel, the sweetest Angel too
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