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On Angels Wings you were taken away, but in my heart you will always stay. I will hear your whisper in the tallest trees, feel your love in the gentle breeze. And when I find I miss you the most, inside our beautiful memories, I will hold you close. You are an angel watching over me, with the comfort and blessings you bring, you embrace my heart and hold it close, forever on Angels Wings. By – Crailin Hardy. – Grief Loss Facebook

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So Go And Run Free With The Angels Memorial Poems

So Go And Run Free
Memorial Poems

So go and run free with the Angels
dance around the golden clouds –
For the lord has chosen you to be with him
and we should feel, nothing but proud.

Although He has taken you from us
and our pain, a lifetime will last –
Your memory will never escape us
but make us glad for the time we did have.

Your face will always be hidden
deep inside our hearts –
Each precious moment you gave us
shall not, ever depart.

So go and run free with the Angels
as they sing so tenderly –
And please be sure to tell them
to take good care of you, for me.

So Go And Run Free With The Angels Memorial Poems

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God Sent To Earth An Angel

God sent to earth an angel, the sweetest angel too and for such a tiny little thing, she had so much to do. She knew she did not have much time, upon this earth to stay, so she did not waste a second; she got started right away. Her eyes were bright and sparkly, she took in every turn. She did not miss a single thing, because this Angel came to learn! – Grief Loss Facebook

God sent to earth an Angel, the sweetest Angel too
Angel Poems  Memorial Poems