Standing Together | Child Loss Poems

Standing Together
(Child Loss Poems)

Most treasured moments
of days in the past ..
The longings, the tears
they just seemed to last.

The dark places my heart sees
go on and on ..
The joys of life
no longer belong.

To any of us
who have lost a child ..
The days are dark
the nights are wild.

We are a group
of people that see ..
A pain in life that
no other can see.

Our loss is deep
our loss endures ..
Our loss is a pain
that there is no cure.

We look the same
to others, that see ..
Our days continue
with lives that be.

But we’re not the same
so deeply changed ..
So scared and hurt
our hearts are maimed.

We grope and struggle
to find our way ..
To find a purpose
for every day.

When all we want
is what we had ..
To be a mom
to be a dad.

To our child
no longer to be ..
Our joy, our treasure
our legacy.

We search for strength
for air to breathe ..
We look for meaning
in what we see.

Hold on to each other
and bare our tears ..
We stay together
through out the years.

A tragic bond
that brings us here ..
Our hearts are broken
we come to share.

To help each other
to bare this pain ..
So maybe one day
we’ll feel sane again.

– Joan Sheloff