Sorrow Is Her Daily Fare – Grief Poems

Sorrow Is Her Daily Fare

(Grief Poems)

She looked into the mirror and

it’s a stranger that she saw.

The cold blank eyes, the wrinkled hand,

she knows this girl no more.

She aged so on that warm June day

as she told her Son goodbye,

for he had traveled in harms way,

but why did he have to die?

The ice blue eyes that looked at her

from the mirror on the wall

looked straight ahead and could only stare

for they’d lost love most of all.

The skin is pinched now from the tears

that flow more every day

the face looked older than it’s years,

grief does that…that’s it’s way.

The girl that was his Mother

now looks so old and worn.

she has only his memories

that began when he was born.

Now sorrow is her daily fare

and a blankness in her eyes,

it’s from a death she cannot bear

it’s when a dear son dies.