Son Poems P5

Son Poems P5

Son Poems No words on earth can be expressed to show you of your worth

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I Love My Son - Son Poems

My Son
(Mother Son Poems)

No words on earth can be expressed
To show you of your worth ..
Just know my son, I feel so blessed
To be your mom on earth.


A Moment In Time

Your cries break the nightly silence
putting patience to the test ..
I dragged myself out of bed
not feeling my best.

Exhausted and distressed
I stumbled to your door ..
Standing, upright and alarmed
with Teddy on the floor.

I picked you up
and scooped up your bear ..
You reached up to my face
with your hands in my hair.

You stared into my eyes
a moment I’ll treasure ..
for the love of my son
is one I can’t measure.

Drifting off to sleep
You held on so tight ..
Nestled into my chest
what a beautiful sight.

Never have I known
A moment just like this ..
A warmth through my body
of heavenly bliss.

Now I’ll lay you back down
and stroke your head ..
I’ll tuck you in softly
and snugly in bed.

Remember that I love you
know I’ll always care ..
whatever path your life may take
know that I’m always there.


A Son’s Questions

My son you’re the best
by far in the land ..
but believe me son
I just don’t understand.

The questions you ask
I try to explain ..
I don’t have the answers
to feed your brain.

Why fishes can’t walk
or ride on the land ..
How lizard and fleas
can live in the sand.

Or what causes the sun
to set in the west ..
though I don’t know the answers
I try my best.

Then you precede to ask me
why we cant fly ..
or play in the clouds
with the birds in the sky.

With no words left
I just shake my head ..
Son, come now
it’s time for bed.


The Road
(Father Son Poems)

They walk down the road of life
not knowing what’s in store ..
When they get to tired to carry on
I tell them you can rest assure.

He walks the path behind you
within ear shot all the way ..
If life becomes too much to bear
just stop right there and pray.

The Lord is right there with you
even when I cannot be ..
Just close your eyes and bow your head
and then right there he’ll be.

For son I will always love you
and welcome you back home ..
But I cannot always walk beside you
as this path is your own.

Life is not always easy
and hard times we all see ..
The best way for us to work
through them, is down on bended knee.

The Lord made me your Father
to teach and guide you while I’m here ..
But remember even when I’m far away
God is always near.

I will never leave you stranded
or without someone to call ..
I will always be here for you
to help you stand when you fall.

Son until you are a man
and have children and a wife ..
You will not understand
the true meaning of this life.

I look down upon each of you
and tears sometimes fill my eyes ..
Because I know that someday soon
you’ll be a man and not pint-sized.

It will then be up to you then
to decide which way is right ..
For then you will truly start your
journey, down this path that we call life.

I Love You, My Son


For Now My Son

The smile bestowed upon your face
could melt an ice cold heart ..
It brightens up a gloomy day
when we are miles apart.

The memory of your little hand
holding mine so tight ..
brings a warm glow unto my heart
on the coldest night.

Those little arms that hug me
will soon be big and strong ..
you’re growing up so fast son
so it won’t be very long.

So I’ll take your hugs and kisses now
cause the day will soon be here ..
when you’ll think you’re much too big
for me to hold so near.


My Growing Son

I watched you grow
day after day ..
in the yard
and hard at play.

Inch by inch
you’re growing taller ..
sometimes I feel
I’m getting smaller.

Measuring your growth
upon our wall ..
Pencil markings
show it all.

Day by day
year by year ..
Your height and size
was coming clear.

I gaze up at you
you’ve grown so tall ..
Looking down at me
so very small.

Height marks on walls
are fading fast ..
In life, things aren’t
made to last.

For each day
we have spent together ..
I’ll cherish
always and forever.

You tower now
above me son ..
But a mothers job
is never done.

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