Son Poems P4

Son Poems P4

Son Poems My boy My son What a wonderful phrase Were counting the months the hours the days

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To My Unborn Son
(Father Son Poems)

My boy!, My son!
What a wonderful phrase!..
We’re counting the months
the hours the days.

A new little boy in my arms
I can’t wait ..
how exited I am
please hurry the date.

With some of my character
and half of my traits ..
I can guarantee soon
we will be mates.

Your half of your momma
none short of the best ..
How lucky you are
our son you are blessed.

Of all you will be
we’ll guide your way ..
For we are your parents
for all of your days.

Soon I shall have you in my arms
and I will jump for joy ..
With a simple, passion, a loving heart
because you are my boy!

And you shall lie in your mother’s arms
snuggled warm into her breast ..
and I shall thank the Gods Above
for the two I love the best.


Proud Of You
(Father Son Poems)

Son I am so proud of you
and I want you to know ..
The way you pave your way through life
to work, learn, love and grow.

You’re admirable in all you do
contented, fair and just ..
To see you grow up so fine
into a man of worldly trust.

You haven’t heard your dad say
to often as you know ..
I love you very much son
as I hope this note will show.


Grown Up To Fast
(Father Son Poems)

From babe, to tot, to teen to man
How quickly time has passed ..
It seems to me I blinked to long
You’ve grown up way to fast.

One day spade and bucket
then skates and skinned knees ..
Before I knew it you were asking
For the car and keys.

My son I can’t believe I’m saying
be careful with the car ..
Don’t go to fast, be careful
and don’t take it too far.

I know I’ve made many mistakes
at your growths, different stages ..
But son there is no written rules
in the Dads, Handbook, pages.

Being your dad is my life
you are my pride and joy ..
Throughout all my living years
you’ll always be my boy.


Sorry Son, I Love You
(Father Son Poems)

It’s sad how men are often taught
to with-hold love to their son ..
That life is hard, tough and mean
and time is not for fun.

Then one sad day I realized
though it may be to late ..
To realize my mistake
is past the used by date.

But it’s never to late rectify
or change my train of thought ..
and tell my son I’m sorry
what I believed was right, was taught.

It’s strange how I grew up to be
just like my own dad ..
The things I hated most about him
I gave to my own lad.

I want to make it up to you
though the past I cannot rectify ..
But I promise you from this day forth
Until the day I die.

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