Son Poems | Raising Boys By Roberta I. Teague

Raising Boys
(Son Poems)

I scrub the wall of fingerprints
Pick up the mounds of clothes ..
I sweep the dirt that shoes track in
Wish I could use a hose!

Meals are served from dawn to dark
Dirty dishes crowd the sink ..
Just when they’re washed and put away
Everyone wants a drink!

The washer pulls the dirty grime
From pants worn thin and patched ..
They look so very neat and clean
Yuck, look what the pockets hatched!

Broken bones and bloody knees
I should have been a nurse ..
I take it all in shaky stride
Just grateful it’s not worse!

Screams and shouts and arguments
Test the keeping of my cool ..
They left the neighbor’s faucet on
See their new front yard pool!

A soothing bath is ecstasy
A reward at the end of my rope ..
Raising boys isn’t really bad
But first I must wash the soap!

A rose can say I Love You
Orchids can enthrall ..
But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist
Oh my, that says it all!

By – Roberta I. Teague