Someday We’ll See You Again | Child Loss Memorial Poems

Someday We’ll See You Again
(Child Loss Memorial Poems)

There’s a place for you, sweet angel
with the lord god up above ..
A place where tears don’t ever fall
and hearts are filled with love.

The sun will shine
the moon will glow
and darkness fades away ..
There’s a beautiful angel playground
where you can play each day.

The angels sing you lullabies
as you drift off to sleep ..
They’ll chase a bad dream far away
so you need never weep.

The fluffy clouds are pillows
on which to lay your sleepy head ..
You’re all wrapped up in angels wings
asleep in Heavens bed.

How could we wish you back down here
in a world of strife and pain ..
We know that you are happy there
and we’ll see you someday again.