Since You’ve Been Gone | Child Memorial Poems

Since You’ve Been Gone
(Child Memorial Poems)

I feel like I’ve just existed
and now it’s been a year ..
I don’t know how I’ve lived or breathed
without you being here.

I know you lived your lifetime
as short as that seems to me ..
The pain in my heart is still so great
yet I know your spirit is free.

At times I think I hear you
the thoughts come to my mind ..
The sound of your voice I struggle for
but that I cannot find.

Yet you come to me in many ways
so I know you did not die ..
You want to tell me that you’ re close
and to please stop asking Why.

Our lives on earth, some far too brief
too short for my Baby ..
But where you went forever
is that place I’ll one day be.

Till Then My Darling