Sad Love Poems P5

Sad Love Poems P5

sad love poems - heartbreak

What happens tomorrow
or in a day or two ..
We’re all making wishes
that never come true.

Our laughter, our joys
our sorrows and sadness ..
striving for the
all-consuming madness.

If I laugh a little
will my pain decrease ..
Or maybe a smile
would make it cease.

I wish I could go back
to how I once was ..
not doting or pining
not living “because”.

My laughter has gone
Forever it seems ..
Such hopes that I had
were only in dreams.

I see my weakness
and that I despise ..
You’ve broken my heart
with your filthy lies.

I’ll erase all memories
I once had with you ..
If I laugh just a little
I will make it through.


You care so much
and you put them first ..
help them when in need
and get them through the worst.

You’d think they’d appreciate
the blood, sweat and tears ..
but what you get is regret
from wasting your years.

For all that you’ve given
your efforts in vain ..
All you get in return
is heartbreak and pain.

A lesson well learned
on, what not to do ..
It’s okay to give
but to no one like you.


Everything is just as it used to be
your promises are lies and strife ..
You’re totally oblivious and can’t see
that you are ruining my life.

You promise me this, promise me that
the toll I’ve had to pay ..
I know you now, I know you to well
to believe a word you say.


I’ve found a man who loves me more
Than you, ever did before.

To stand beside me everyday
Who listens to the words I say.

I found a man to treat me right
To have and hold me every night.

The love you gave, was no joy
but that’s expected from a boy,

To treat me bad was your downfall
Now as you see, you’ve lost it all.


Wish I could lay down beside you
When my day is done ..
And wake up to see your face
glistening. in the morning sun.

But like everything I’ve ever known
you’ll disappear one day ..
So I’ll spend my whole life hiding
this heart of mine away.


Go ahead and steal my heart
make me cry again ..
‘Cause it will never hurt me as much
as it did back then.

But just remember, I’m much stronger now
I won’t let it be the same ..
so now I’m giving up on you
and this endless game.


I took your love for granted
looking through blind eyes ..
Just how much I loved you
I had never realized.

You’ve found someone else now
for me your feelings gone ..
But the flame you lit within my heart
forever lingers on.

Wishing I could turn back time
just as it was before ..
I know how much you’re loved now
but I’ll always love you more.

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