Sad Love Poems P4

Sad Love Poems P4

sad love poems - heartbreak

I wish I didn’t have to cry
I wish that I could say goodbye
It’s not with me you want to be
But I’m so afraid to set you free.

I wish I could erase this pain
I wish that we could start again
I know our love will never be
’cause you’re not in love with me.


One day you will pay the price
for treating people, like you do
The seeds you sow, are what you reap
will be coming back for you.

Your love was a disease
that penetrated into me
Your beauty like a virus
held me, so violently.

Yes, you may have beauty
but you’re shallow and conceited
So self-assured and overbearing
now you’ve been defeated.


A shattered heart
bare naked lands
the love I had, slips
through my hands.

I cannot speak
I have no voice
In this decision
I have no choice.

My heart is broken
love is a thief
This bitter pill, gulped
down with grief.


Don’t look back
don’t look behind
don’t go back for more
Don’t turn around
he’s had his chance
close and lock the door.

It’s his clever tricks
to lure you back
that road you’ve
walked before.

Step forward to your future
step forward to be free
Don’t turn around, don’t
look back and throw away
that key.


I feel trapped in constant, bitter cold
A prisoner of pain, from lies you’ve told.

You ask for forgiveness, for all you’ve done
for a web of betrayal, you weaved and spun.

There’s no forgiveness, for what you’ve done
What I cannot mend, or outrun.

I will never take you back again
the hurt you caused will forever remain.


You can’t commit, and never will
I waited and waited, I’m waiting still.

I thought you would bring me joy
You’re a grown man, who acts like a boy.

I deserve better and I’m not going to wait
I ‘ll stand no longer, for it’s too late.

Complicated you tell me, so I’m walking away
You’ll kick yourself later, for those words you say.

I was willing to risk it all for you
what I thought possible, but my heart It knew.

I wanted to believe, that it was worth the fight
Knowing all along, it would never be right.

I’m moving on with my heart, like I should
don’t ever tell me, you misunderstood.

Don’t live to regret the choices your making
You had a chance, I was there for the taking.

You know that I loved you, with all of my heart
I’m leaving today, and it hurts to depart.

But I know that it’s something, I surely must do
’cause I won’t sit any longer, waiting for you.

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