Sad Love Poems P3

Sad Love Poems P3

sad love poems - heartbreak

I want you to realize
how much you meant to me?
I love you so much
and miss you so deeply.

The times I held you in my arms
my whole world was right there
Where are you now, I need you
but I see you nowhere.

Every little kiss from your lips
was like a dream come true
This love I have within my heart
it all belongs to you!

It’s funny, all those little things
I never thought I’d miss
all our special times together
and the first time that we kissed.

I guess what I’m trying to say
is I love and miss you everyday
It hurts me not to see you
since you went away.

I want you to understand
that I loved you from the start
You’ll always hold a special place
right here within my heart.


This heartache, is to much for me
thinking our love, was meant to be.

I guess I was, so very wrong
I try to forget, but I’m not that strong.

Soon, I know, I’ll begin A new start
no longer will you, be the hurt in my heart.


Wish I didn’t have to
pretend, to be over you
’Cause all I wanna talk about
is the things we used to do.

Everyone thinks I’m ok
and that I’m doin’ fine
When really, I still love you
and still wishing you were mine.


I reach out to you
arms open wide
My life’s not the same
without you by my side.

My days go by slowly
all I do is cry
I’m so lonely without you
this can’t be, goodbye.


I’ll face the truth
I’ll find my way
I will not go through
this one more day.

I’m not your love
or your one
We are through
’cause I am done.


He took me out
He held my hand
I thought he was
The perfect man.

I was there
When he needed me
I was by his side
Where he knew I’d be.

I took his hand
when he was slain
And cried a tear
for his pain.

Then one day
the tables turned
a hefty lesson
I soon learned.

I was alone
with no one near
I lay in pain
and cried in fear.

No one cared
to hold my hand
Or tell me that
they understand.

Now he’s long gone
And I can’t feel
the wounds inside
they’ve all but healed.

He changed my life
And now I can see
What a stronger person
This has made me.

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