Sad Love Poems P2

Sad Love Poems P2

sad love poems - heartbreak

The pain racks through
my broken heart ..
I never thought
we’d be apart.

You said forever
you wanted with me ..
Now that you’re gone
this won’t be.

You love me, you said
as you looked in my eyes ..
that, now I know
was just one of your lies.

I sit here alone
thinking about you ..
My face is wet
with tears past due.

A hurt so deep
cut me like a knife ..
But my wounds will heal
as I move on with my life.


You left me just like
your unpaid debts ..
What you put me through
I live with regrets.

To lose you was worth it
though, I wasn’t so sure ..
But it’s made me happy
just a little insecure.

Though we said forever
and our love had no end ..
I had to reconsider
and stop, I can’t pretend.

You say you don’t want
to see me anymore ..
So, stop looking my way
my heart is so sore.

Stay far away,
don’t think thoughts of me ..
you’re not going to hurt me
anymore, you see.

You’ve hurt me more
than my heart can take ..
With your cheating ways
and the lies you make.

And now my heart
will heal from the pain ..
I will never let you
in again!


I thought you were the one for me
I felt it in my heart ..
I feel so empty now you’ve gone
now that we’re apart.

You haven’t talked to me now
in, what seems like forever ..
Oh, how I wish I could turn back time
and we’d be back together.

I’ve tried and tried to win you back
but I guess you’re over me ..
I know I don’t deserve you
’cause, you set this liar free.

PLEASE give me another chance
for me to right my wrong ..
You have my heart locked by a chain
with you I belong.

Baby, I have paid the price
and I will also pay a fee ..
If only now, you would decide
to come back to me.


The first time, that I saw your face
when I first saw you smile ..
A moment that I can’t replace
I hoped you’d stay a while.

Life couldn’t get any better
and you were right for me ..
I was so caught up with dreaming
’cause we weren’t meant to be.

I can’t believe I didn’t see
that you were letting go ..
That we were drifting far apart
And I just didn’t know.

So now we go our separate ways
as we say our goodbyes ..
You’ve broke my heart in pieces
and drowned me in your lies.


I tried so hard
I’ve tried my best ..
I gave you my all
there’s nothing left.

You took my heart
and ripped it in two ..
Now I’m falling apart
What do I do.

Divided by thoughts
Burned by the flame
Confused by the words
in your twisted game.

I’m living the present
my minds on the past
Not knowing what I’ll lose
or if it will last.

Blinded by fear
drowning in doubt
Struggling for freedom
there’s no way out.


We talked for hours about nothing at all
huddled together, we sat by the wall.

We walked side by side, day after day
suddenly it’s over, pointless you say.

How can you say such a thing to me?
When together forever, you said, we’d be.

With no expression or emotion in your voice
leaving me here, without a choice.

No emotion shown, No tears in your eyes
you walk out my door with no goodbyes.

Life to you, is just a game
you’re always trying to beat.

And we, the pawns you play with
that you think you must defeat.

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