Remember Me | Remembrance Poems

Remember Me
(Remembrance Poems)

I never meant to leave you
could I have only stayed ..
We would be going on in life
with all the plans we made.

Now all the hopes and dreams we shared
are but sweet memories ..
For you to tuck inside your heart
now when you remember me.

Remember all the good times
and all the joy we shared ..
Remember how you touched my life
an how I really cared.

Think back on all the laughter
and wipe away the tears ..
You still have many miles to go
and will have many years.

Don’t look back…look forward
this day is a brand new one ..
And as you travel on in life
you’ll take a bit of my heart.

I never meant to leave you
but still your not alone ..
For as long aw my love lives in you
I’ll near really be gone.

– Allison Chambers Cixey