Quiet Moments | In Loving Memory Dad Poems

Quiet Moments
(In Loving Memory Dad Poems)

When I was young I used to love
to sit upon your knee ..
I’d gaze into your loving eyes
as your arms enfolded me.

Your gentle kiss would stir
the golden tendrils of my hair ..
as whispered sentiments of love
we quietly would share.

We’d read a book together
the same time after time ..
I knew all of the words by heart
you didn’t seem to mind.

When darkness fell you tucked me in
and gently kissed my cheek ..
You’d wish upon a shooting star
the Lord my soul to keep.

The years have passed so quickly
death parted you from me ..
I hope you know how much it meant
when I sat upon your knee.

Gazing to the heavens
as I quietly reminisce ..
I’d give a million of those stars
to feel your gentle kiss.

I’d give all my tomorrows
to hear you read to me ..
and remember those quiet moments
when I sat upon your knee.