No Words | Loss Of A Child Poems

No Words
(Grief Poems – Loss Of A Child)

When I tell you that my heart still hurts
you don’t know what to say ..
When I tell you that my eyes still cry
you look the other way.

How could you know the pain I have
and the sorrow that I feel? ..
For you haven’t lost a precious child
so for you, this isn’t real.

I can’t really say that I blame you
for I was once like you ..
I would turn my head and walk away
not knowing what to do.

But now I know, oh, how I know
what another mother feels! ..
For only when you have lost your child
do you know this pain so real.

This painful loss that bereaved moms share
brings us closer in our hearts ..
Now when we meet and share our child
we are friends right from the start.

– Joy Curnutt