Little Brother Poems | My Little Brother

My Little Brother
(Little Brother Poems)

Sticky fingers dirty faces
lots of toys and cluttered spaces.
Cars and trucks here and there
crayons and pencils everywhere.

Bats and balls thrown in the yard
Tripping slipping caught of guard.
Broken bones and bloody knees
Stings from ants wasps and bees.

Feet stomping on the floor
Fingerprints on every door.
Tantrum spells and painful cries
Mischievous smiles and cheeky lies.

Faces licked by dogs face height
Scary dreams all through the night.
Collecting lizards bugs and frogs
Creepy crawlies under logs.

Muddy shoes and dirty clothes
Runny bloody drippy nose.
Sneaking food from jar stands
Faces black with muddy hands.

Stains from food on your new shirt
Brand new shoes covered with dirt.
At times you can be quite a bother
But I always love my little brother.

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