My God How Great Thou ART | Sympathy Poems

My God How Great Thou ART
(Sympathy Poems)

I searched for you on the seaside
In the pristine, white-foam sand ..
I need you, oh my Father
To take my weak and flailing hand!

I cannot stand alone, my Lord
Come, now and be with me! ..
I cannot walk upon the shore
Of this wild and tempest sea!

I sought you in the forest
Where the lush, wild fern grows ..
I looked for you on mountaintops
Through the bitter, driven snows.

I went into the desert
Sun bleached sands desolate and dry ..
There my soul was so thirsty
I could find no tears to cry.

My God, where are you hiding?
Don’t you hear my plea? ..
I need You, oh, my Father,
Come, now, and carry me!

It was there in the silence
His gentle voice I softly heard ..
Like a mighty whisper
Each and every word!

My child, I did not leave you
I’ve been right by your side ..
I’ve caught every tear drop
that your broken heart has cried!

I walked before you on those mountains
so you could find your way ..
I was there in the lush, green forest..
I hear every word you say!

My footprints were there beside yours
In that pristine, white beach sand ..
And when I was not carrying you
I was holding tightly to your hand!

Oh, now I see that you were with me
You were here within my aching heart ..
Filling me up with with such longing