Sister Poems | My First Friend

My First Friend
(Sister Poems)

You were my first friend
Together we’d laugh and play ..
And whisper into the midnight hours
About the happenings in our day.

You were someone I could tell my secrets to
And I knew that they would be safe ..
I knew I could tell you anything
And you would love me anyway.

I shared with you my fears and dreams
And you shared with me your own ..
We talked about what life would bring
When we were finally grown.

You were there to help me mend
My first broken heart ..
You helped me to see there’s so much to life
And that love was just the start.

And though we didn’t always agree
We’ve always had each others side ..
Displaying a sisterly strength
And a loving, caring pride.

We were born sisters
And friends as we grew ..
I am ever so grateful, for
my life with you.

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