Mother Memorial Poems | Mom

(Mother Memorial Poems)

How does one write on paper
feelings I have inside ..
The heartache and the emptiness
when the mom I loved, has died.

How do I carry on
and smile through tears I cry ..
The loneliness I feel for mom
why did she have to die.

How do I get through tomorrow
when today has left me tired ..
Why can’t I turn back the clock
and have the time desired.

I don’t know if I can do it
I just can’t seem to believe ..
my friend, my soul mate, my mother
why did she have to leave.

But I do hope your happy mom
wherever you may be ..
Free from the pain you felt so long
now smiling down on me.

Please guide me through my life mom
‘cause I’m scared here on my own ..
Think of me, as I do you
and we’ll never feel alone.

So I’ll say goodnight to you now
And blow kisses to the sky ..
Rest up with the angels, Mom
Just for now it is goodbye.

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