Mother Poems P2

Mother Mom Poems P2

Best Sweetest Cute Mommy Poems


The Best Mommy

Mommy was your name
when I was very small ..
And I got the very best
mommy of them all.

A story you would read
before bedtime every night ..
Then you would tuck me in my bed
and kiss and hug me tight.

When I was a little older
Mom, was how you were known ..
As that is what you call your mommy
after you have grown.

Mom I couldn’t asked for more
you were everything I needed ..
As you still are to me
as a mom you have succeeded.

Mom you are so loved
you simply are outstanding ..
My mommy and my mom
loving, kind and understanding.

By Toni Kane


What A Mom Is To Me

A mom is there to nurture you
she’s there for your needs ..
A mom will encourage all you do
to make sure that you succeed.

A mom is there to wipe your tears
she’s there when you take a dive ..
A mom is there for all the years
to help you to survive.

A mom will give you good advice
a mom will always care ..
A mom will always warn you twice
a third time if you dare.

A mom is what you are to me
a mom makes me complete ..
A mom is what you’ll always be
so loving, kind and sweet.

By Toni Kane


Mom You Are The Best

Mom you are my comfort
my shelter from the storm ..
Mom you are my blanket
to keep me safe and warm.

I just want to tell you, mom
just what you mean to me ..
Mom you are the best mom
a mom could ever be.

By Toni Kane


What You Mean To Me

Without you in my life mom
I don’t know where I would be ..
You are my fix, my antidote
that’s what you are to me.

Mom you are my comfort
each and every passing day ..
You always seem to make things right
when I have lost my way.

Mom you are my biggest fan
who helps me conquer fears ..
The one who is forever there
throughout my living years.

Without you mom is never where
I would want to be ..
I love you mom, with all my heart
that’s what you mean to me.

By Toni Kane


Eternal Bonds

An eternal bond is one that
belongs to, a child and mother ..
A bond so strong and enduring
This bond is like no other.

It’s infinite, lasting and timeless
this bond cannot be broken ..
With a ceaseless, constant connection
no need to have words spoken.

A connection spanning far and wide
no matter when, or where they go ..
If the child needs their mother
that mother’s heart will know.

Mom that is how I feel
my eternal bond with you ..
I love you near or far away
in everything I do.

By Toni Kane


My Momma

Mom I love you so much
my mother is the best ..
My mother is the nicest mom
unsurpassed by all the rest.

If mothers were all rated
your score would be off the scale ..
I would have to count for ever
for you rating to prevail.

If moms were a number
being, highest is the best ..
Then forever I would have to count
to outdo all the rest.

By now mom you would know
you’re a star, a first class mom ..
With the highest rating from me
you just can’t be outdone.

By Toni Kane

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