Short Love Poems P7

Short Love Poems P7

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Love is the greatest feeling
Love is like a play ..
Love is what I feel for you
each and every day.

I love you with all my heart
my body and my soul ..
Our love was meant to be
this love I can’t control.


Again, I fell in love with you
More deeply than before ..
Who would of ever thought
that I could love you more.

The strength and faith you give me
and to know you’re always there ..
The respect and friendship that we have
is a love beyond compare.


Someone you want to be with
that you can’t be without ..
to have, hold laugh and play
That’s what love’s about.

It’s the sadness in your heart
When you know they’re not hear ..
It’s the safe feelings that you have
knowing that they’re near.

It’s the hope you have
when all goes wrong ..
It’s their faith in you,
that keeps you strong.

It’s someone who really hears you
when others don’t seem to care ..
It’s that someone that you love
and for you they’re always there.

If you have this kind of love
then you will have no doubt ..
‘Cause the one that you love
you couldn’t be without.


Will you be mine forever
Is what I need to know ..
When we we’re together
my love just grows and grows.

I’ve never felt like this before
The love I feel for you ..
Everything you do for me
Tells me, you love me too.

I promise to love you forever
I know this will be true ..
I’ll always be right by your side
and I hope you want this too.


Your smile awakens my sleeping soul
As the sun wakes up the day ..
One kiss from your lips and my life is yours
It’s not a high price to pay.

Your touch activates my senses
As the moon lights up the night ..
Hold me and I’ll fall forever
In your arms all things feel right.

Your heart overflows with emotion
As the sky overflows with stars ..
This love can transcend all eternity
There is no greater love than ours.


You are an Angel
I simply adore ..
a celestial being
of that I am sure.

You’re my salvation
my guiding light ..
my shelter from harm
in the deep of the night.

So grounded and steady
faithful and true ..
onward and upward
in all that you do.

My guardian angel
on you I depend ..
My savior, my saint
my lover, my friend.

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