Short Love Poems P6

Short Love Poems P6

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If wishes were real
and dreams came true ..
I would wish my life
to be spent with you.

I would ask for nothing
back in return ..
As long as you are happy
would be my concern.

To see you contented
and to know you’re fine ..
Would bring joy
to this heart of mine.

If I could have wishes
and if dreams come true ..
I would spend every moment
of life right beside you.


Every time I look at you
you make me wanna smile ..
Let me hug you and hold
you in my arms a while.

I think you’re so sexy
I think you are divine ..
So pretty and so smart
I’m so glad you’re mine.

Every time I’m around you
you make me burst with joy ..
Feeling like a little kid
with a brand new toy.

Whenever I’m not with you
I feel all alone ..
I feel so far away but
can’t wait till I get Home.


Say you want my kisses and my gentle touch
Say you love my hands, on you, so, so very much.

Tell me of all the things that I mean to you
Show me everything, that you want me to do.

Come a little closer .. so you can see
Then I can tell you, all that you mean to me.


Every smile you give me
is like sun, on planted seeds ..
Nurturing them with your love
with everything it needs.

Every kiss you give me
is deeper than the ocean ..
Every time you look my way
brings waves of pure emotion.

Every glance in my direction
is like flame to the fire ..
A twinkling of stars
a spark of love’s desire.

Every moment in your arms
is like waves upon the sea ..
A rush of water on the shores
where love has covered me.

Every year that passes
is that gives such pleasure ..
A life without limits
I shall love you forever.


Words can’t express my feelings
for the words I cannot find ..
The things I wish to tell you
are trapped withing my mind.

I’m not quite sure how people say
finding art, in their expression ..
The harder, I try to tell you
the faster the regression.

So I’ll have to stick to what I know
I have to admit defeat ..
But all you really have to know is
you make my life complete.


When you are sad, I’ll dry your tears
When you are scared I will take your fears.

When you need love, my hearts for you
When you are sick, I will see you through.

You’ll feel my love, when we’re apart
Know nothing can ever, change my heart.

When you are worried, I will give you hope
When you get confused , I will help you cope.

If you lose your way or fall behind
I will guide your way and help you find.

This is for you, one that I keep till the end
For you’re my life my love and friend.


These words express my feelings
speak of my love for you ..
From my lips, these words I speak
will, always be true.

Blessed, with your love
this alone, cannot be measured ..
That all my life, I promise you
that will be, nurtured and treasured.


Your fingers dance, upon bare skin
I close my eyes, our tune begins ..
A slow melody, to a hip hop beat
then back again, till it’s complete.

No-one can make a melody
feel quite like you do ..
When you make, a love song
no-one comes, close to you.

Every note and every strum
a masterpiece you make ..
the beauty of your music
leaves my body, to shake.


Every tear that falls from your eyes
I will be there for you ..
For every inch of pain you feel
I know I’ll feel it to.

I will be there for you
I’ll never leave your side ..
I will be your rock
if you begin to slide.
I’ll never let you down
this I promise you ..
In every step you ever take
I will be there to.


I want you in my life
much more then I show ..
Together always and
for our love to grow.

I want to be loved
for just being me ..
and never for what
others think I should be.

I want to be loved by
no one else but you ..
And to feel you touch me
like no one else, could ever do.

I want you to tell me
you love me so much ,,
I want to feel the gentleness
and your soft loving touch.

I want you to walk with me
forever hand in hand ..
And always to show me that you,
really care and understand.

I want you to protect
and take good care of me ..
I want to feel safe and
know where you will always be.

I want you to hold me
whenever I cry ..
I want your arms around me
till the day I die.


I never fell before this day
With love so swift and so sweet ..
Her face it bloomed just like a flower
clean, knocked me off my feet.

I could not believe, what bestowed my eyes
My legs refused to walk ..
And when she spoke and looked at me
my mouth could neither talk.

I never saw a face so sweet
As that, what stood before ..
My heart has left its hiding place
And can return no more.


Young and lovely, strong and steady
life’s a lot of fun ..
We laugh, love and hang together
and don’t hurt anyone.

You love my eyes
and blond hair ..
I love your grin
and the way you care.

Although we’re just now starting out
just a few months together ..
We’ll settle down, one day you’ll see
and be in love forever!

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