Love Verses 4

Short Love Verses 4


When troubles get you down
as sometimes they do ..
Just look inside your heart
and remember I love you.

Each of us destined to find
the one love of our life ..
To unite together
as husband and wife.

In you I’ve found true love
You’re all I ever need ..
I will be yours, always
for all eternity.


When all the songs are over
and all the words been said ..
The sun grows dim across the sky
and the world readies for bed.

I often take a moment now
to view the sky above ..
And whisper God a simple prayer,
to thank him for your love.


My love for you
is divine ..
I am ever so glad
that you’re mine.

You show me how great
love can be ..
I can’t believe
that you’re with me.

You make me so happy
in every way ..
In every moment
of every day.

Nothing will ever
tear us apart ..
You’ve captured my soul
and stolen my heart.


A part of you has grown in me
you and I will never part ..
At times there’s distance
in our lives, but never in my heart.


A lake that sets my heart a blaze
Like lovers lost in a distant gaze.

Eternal souls that have no name
Drawn together like moth to a flame.

An unspoken love that could never be seen
Unites two hearts with only a dream.

A love forbidden by life’s cruel fate
Longs for the kiss of its one true mate.

A destined encounter which never took place
Condemned our love and left no trace.

A bond once blessed and worshiped from afar
Can no longer be seen but written in the stars.


I did not dream of a bright tomorrow
but because of you, gone is my sorrow.

My days of sadness, are now in the past
with you I’ve found, true love at last.

My days of emptiness, are gone for good
you filled the void, I thought no-one could.

You’ve opened a window and shown me the light
and my love for you, burns oh so bright.


The tears from my sky, never fall
no clouds, no darkness, none at all.

Your beautiful smile and sparkling eyes
all I see, is clear blue skies.


My day may be hectic
my schedule may be tight ..
But I’ll always make time, to say
I love you and goodnight.

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