Short Love Poems P11

Short Love Poems P11

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Love doesn’t hurt
love doesn’t stray ..
love doesn’t waver
day to day.

Love has no doubt
nor apprehension ..
no dread, mistrust
unease or tension.

No overbearing
stress or strain ..
no unrelenting
constant pain.

Love doesn’t stand
for disrespect ..
dishonor insults
or neglect.

Love builds esteem
and heightens pleasure ..
thrives and builds
a priceless treasure.

Nurtured souls
rise to ascend ..
as loving hearts
know, no end.


The first time that I sighted you
was the moment that I knew ..
Something I’d never felt before
and I know you felt it too.

From that day, in my mind
something time can’t erase ..
was the feelings that I felt
and the imprint of your face.

I’ll never know what it was that day
or how we just knew ..
Nothings changed in all the years
since I fell in love with you.


When god created
mortal hearts ..
he sent them to earth
in two parts.

Two halves of hearts
born from each mother ..
search the earth
to find each other.

They don’t know how
or where to start ..
to find their other
half a heart.

But somehow it seems
a guiding hand ..
shows you clues
to search the land.

While some may choose
ignore or laugh ..
they don’t know they
have another half.

Your half a heart
makes me complete ..
I know it’s you
I know that beat.

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