Short Love Poems P10

Short Love Poems P10

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It’s unspoken words
that mean the most
silent but believed ..
Those words spoken
without action, are
what will deceive.

It’s the unseen ways
I show my love
you can’t hear
but recognize ..
When I see you
nothing compares
to the love within
your eyes.

When I see the smile
across your face
That smile you
save for me ..
The way we are
each day together
Is the way it will
always be.


Your worth is immeasurable
It will always be you ..
I’ll love you forever
’til our time is through.

This bond binds us together
nothing compares to this ..
My heart is yours forever
As is my every kiss.


Within your arms, I can barely breathe
Your arms I can’t resist ..
You are all I will ever want and need
where nothing else exists.

I wait to hear your sweet voice
On the end of the line ..
Telling me your secret dreams
and how you’re only mine.

I count the hours til’ we meet
my memory holds you near ..
I can almost touch you
with my thoughts
Like you’re really here.


Come take a walk with me
take me by the hand ..
down to the beach we’ll go
sit together on the sand.

We’ll sit and watch the waves
softly lap the shore ..
cuddling close together
and always wanting more.

The stars shine brightly
in the dark sky, up above ..
Like they’re shining for a reason
they to, must be in love.

Is it written in the stars
and it’s our destiny ..
As the stars belong to the skies
you belong with me.


We can change almost everything
except the way they feel ..
If it’s love, it will remain
where that love was real.

They say, “Love conquers all”
nothing can make it break ..
I only know, what love can be
I’ll just have to wait.

I hope to have this kind of love
but I’ll have to wait and see ..
I can’t wait to know this feeling
how a life, with love can be.


With these eyes, I see
With these hands, I touch ..
With these looks, I give
I love you so much.

With these lips, I kiss
With these fingers, I feel ..
With these words, I speak
Of a love so real.

With these feet, I walk
With these feelings, I will show ..
With these conversations
we have, about a love I know.

With these words I promise
With this pledge I give ..
With all the love, in my heart
for as long, as I shall live.


Elegant and Beautiful
just like a rose ..
A natural beauty
from head to toes.

Just like a picture
in a perfect frame ..
An angel I see
by no other name.

With a smile so bright
and beautiful hair ..
divinely exquisite
with none to compare.

Your beauty is beyond
my imagination ..
Perfection attained
in the hands of creation.


There’s a girl I know
She is so fine ..
With hair of gold
and eyes that shine.

I see her coming
the way she walks ..
My heart she melts
When she talks.

She is the one
for me, its true ..
The only girl for me
is YOU.


The first time that I saw your face
Each breath came at a faster pace.

My heart pumped harder, with each beat
The joy I felt from head to feet.

The hand of love has touched my soul
These feelings came with no control.

The current of love began to rise
the world ablaze with sunlit skies.

My gloomy clouds of cold and gray
dispersed quickly and went away.

A rainbow came to take their place
colors of love shone on my face.

And in that instant, I had been shown
a whole new life, I’d never known.

being loved by you, is to be blessed
My paradise on earth, my happiness.


Put your arms around me
and hold me really tight ..
Shower me with your love
make everything all right.

Heal me from this pain
Teach my heart to mend ..
Show me reasons why
I should let our love ascend.

Free me from my worries
take away my doubt ..
Lets leave the past behind
And seek the future out.

So, put your arms around me
make me forget the past ..
Hold on to me forever
let me be your last.

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