In Loving Memory – Pet Loss – Dog Poems

I Miss You
(In Loving Memory – Pet Loss – Dog Poems)

All the balls I should have thrown
The walks I skipped, had I known
I miss having dog hair on the floor
I miss you scratching at the door.

Without you here, is not the same
‘Cause no-one comes, when I call your name
I miss our games of hide and seek
I miss you more each passing week.

Late at night as I lie in bed
I long to hold and scratch your head
Last night I saw you whilst dreaming
Your eyes so bright and your coat was gleaming

Across the fields you player and run
Like a pup again just having fun
I saw you sitting by your tree
Your smiling face said sit with me.

And so I sat with you my friend
You promised me my heart will mend
You said that you’re not to far away
Deep in my heart you will always stay.

You said you’re happy there is no pain
And in your heart my love remains
You told me it was time to go
And to not forget how you loved me so.

Don’t be sad that we are apart
I’m always there inside your heart.


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