In Loving Memory | Pet Loss | Cat Poem

(In Loving Memory – Pet Loss – Cat Poem)

You were a tiny furry kitten
the day I took you home ..
I knew I had a friend in you
and would never be alone.

You grew and grew and got so large
you looked like a ball of fur ..
I miss you now as you had to leave
but I remember you the way you were.

You had a life fit for a King
and a kingdom for you to roam ..
and now I’ll see you in my dreams
but I will always feel alone.

You were my very best friend
so much fun to watch and see ..
I never knew what you would do next
as you also liked to roam free..

I worried when you stayed out all night
but I knew you were having fun ..
chasing bunnies, mice and toads
always on the run.

You will live on in my heart dear friend
and I’ll feel your presence here ..
when I am all alone
I can still feel you near.

I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge
with the animals I loved before ..
They were all there waiting
and let you through the door.

When time comes for us to be
I’ll be walking over the Ridge ..
and together we will be forever
as we cross the Rainbow Bridge.


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