Weep Not for Me| Pet Loss Cat Poems

Weep Not for Me
(In Loving Memory – Pet Loss – Cat Poems)

Far above this Earthly plane
To my home in the skies ..
It is beautiful and I’m happy
But there’s sadness in your eyes.

I know I was your special cat
And that you loved me so ..
I heard the breaking of your heart
But still I had to go.

I remember our walks in the sun
And the way you would pat my head ..
How you worried when I was out at night
Until I was safe in bed.

I heard you pray to God
You begged Him to let me stay ..
It was not the Lord’s fault
I had to go away.

Look around and you will see
I am never far from your love ..
I stand here at the edge of Heaven
Watching over you from above.

Please don’t spend your time
Mourning at my fate ..
For when I reopened my eyes
I stood at Heaven’s gate.

Don’t blame yourself for what had to be
We had many happy years ..
Let my tribute be your laughter
Stain not my memory with tears.

I am better now Mistress
If only you could see ..
I am happier than I had even hoped
For your love’s light wings did carry me.

Your care made my days a Heaven
Your compassion did set me free ..
And though I am at the feet of the Lord
My love will forever with you be.


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