God Bless My Baby

God Bless My Baby – Sleep my little Angel, ascend to God above, know that Daddy sends you off, with all his prayers and love. Your time upon this earth was brief, but not too short to know, that you were loved, and will be missed, I ache to see you go. I held you in my arms so close, I stroked your little face, I feel comfort now just knowing, that you are in God’s grace. I pray that heaven touches me, and heals my heart of pain, I ache from grief and loneliness, my tears pour down like rain. We ask the saints in heaven, and all who’ve passed before, to take your hand and guide you now, as you pass through heaven’s door. When it is time for me, my child, I know you will be there, until that time, I’ll speak to you in dreams and nightly prayer. – Memory Cards For Children On Facebook

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