Little Angel | In Loving Memory Baby Child Poems

Little Angel
(In Loving Memory Baby Child)

I had so many
dreams for you ..
That will now
never come true.

I wanted you to have
the life I never had ..
Where every day was good
and not one day was bad.

I wanted you to be happy
and have a fun filled life ..
I would have loved to see you
be someone’s wife.

I would have loved to see you do
a little ballet twirl ..
I wanted you to be the world’s
happiest little girl.

I wanted to put you on my shoulders
As we watched your favorite band ..
I wanted to take you to the beach
And watch you play in the sand.

These are all things
that I most wanted to do ..
All I can do now is dream of
doing these things with you.

Now all I want
is to see your smile ..
And to hold you close
for a little while.

Me and your mum
are in so much pain ..
Even though, we know it won’t
be long, until we see you again.

For now all I can do
is hope and pray ..
That I’ll get to hold you
in my arms, again one day.